Wooden Packing

Wooden Packing

Wooden packing is required for the breakable goods such as goods made of glass, ceramic, wood etc. When wooden packing is required, fumigation is also needed for legally import the goods to destination country.

Wooden Case

Wooden cases are generally used for packing any kind of product to ensure maximum safety from transportation and handling damages. These are more commonly used to pack small and multiple items together in a single case and thereby reduce the risk of pilferage. Wooden cases do not have any limitations in use with respect to the size, weight and shape of the item to be packed. The cases can be made of wood starting from a minimum thickness of ½" up to maximum of 2-3 inches depending on the overall product. Wooden cases can be built to suit various lifting methods like a forklift, crane etc. and accordingly the base and overall construction of the wooden case is designed.

Wooden Crate

Wooden crates mainly find application for optimizing packaging costs of solid, sturdy and heavy items usually transported in exclusive and bulk consignments. Wooden crates are made up of reapers placed at required gaps to suit the weight and dimensions of the product. The thickness and width of the reapers is also calculated based on the product. The crates can also be designed to make it suitable for fork lifting, with the base (bottom) either solid or crate type. These crates can also be chemically treated and used for export packing.

Wooden Pallets

Is generally used for storage, stacking and in-premise movement of materials. It is basically only a base made in the form of either solid or a crate type to facilitate fork lifting. Pallets often find use for short distance transportation of materials and can be re-used over and over again for similar purposes.