Export Customs Clearance

Goods intended for export from Thailand and subject to normal export procedures. For Customs purposes, and export is the removal of goods by ship or aircraft from a place in Thailand to a place outside Thailand. All goods being exported from Thailand are subject to Customs control and must be reported to Customs.

Customs role in the exportation of goods is to ensure that all goods being exported from Thailand are reported as required; and administer controls on behalf of permit issuing agencies on the export of restricted goods. In addition, Customs also gather information regarding the nature and volume of exports to assist government and industry in policy and decision-making.

Unless specifically exempt, goods may not be loaded on a ship or aircraft for export unless they have been entered for export in the Customs system and Customs has given approval to export. Most applications for an Export Declaration are submitted electronically via the e-Export system.

Our Service includes export customs clearance. We shall do all declaration & clearance process and ensure that all your goods delivered by us will be smoothly exported from Thailand.

Export Customs Procedure