Air Freight Service

Price Calculation for Air Freight

Chargeable Weight

Chargeable Weight x Price per kg in the tariff schedule.

Chargeable Weight of Goods
1 Actual Gross Weight
2 Dimension Weight
= Width x Length x Height (cms)
** Whichever greater shall be used as a chargeable weight for price calculation

1 Dimension should always be presented in centimeters
2 Dimension should always be taken at the extreme limit of each and as though the goods was perfectly square and even.
3 The chargeable weight of a shipment is always calculated to the "advantage of the airline". As an example, if the gross weight of a shipment is 85 kgs and the dimension weight resulting from the above calculation comes to 105 kgs, the AWB (Air Waybill) MUST be established for 105 kgs chargeable weight.